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Platform to encourage recycle & reuse at workplace.

Coworkers buy/ sell/ swap with sense of trust & safety.

  • Mutual sense of trust & safety encourage coworkers to buy/sell/swap goods.
  • We cut the long process. Create ads just by sending an email, and be done.
  • Employees commute to workplace daily. There is no need for a separate trip.
  • Existing options like Craigslist do *not* work. They are time consuming & full of SCAMs.
  • Already in use at Microsoft by more than 4000 users.
  • Appraisal, verification, moving (coming soon)

Business that cares, are better business.

Are you doing your part?

  • Be part of the social mission to keep useful stuff away from landfills.
  • Having a social mission matters, because doing good is good (for) business.
  • It matters to us, our lives our communities our environment & our society.
  • Most of all both customers & employees care about it.
  • More..

LiztEZ is designed to be hassle free. All you do is click pictures, include some text then simply email. We create a great looking ad right from your email. No registration / login or a new app to install. It auto broadcast the ad to community’s Facebook page thus making it instantly viral.

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