What ?

Created in 2014, mission of LiztEZ is to keep useful stuff away from landfills, also make buying & selling extremely easy and hassle free. One shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time away from their life just to buy / sell something. They should be able to do with sense of safety & trust which is natural among co-workers.

Who & Why ?

Created by Naren. While working at Microsoft, he noticed that people love to buy / sell among each other in the company. There is this sense of trust that employees have for each other. Except that there was a problem. It was that no one liked people emailing to big groups, with several photos attached to the email. Not only this would overload the server, it would annoy several folks in the group and as result it was so common to see heated conversations every time someone trying to sell something. LiztEZ was born to solve this problem. While at it, Naren wondered, why just solve it only for Microsoft employees, why not help other companies as well.

Please help spread the word-

  • Download our flyer to post in your office kitchen or at other display area.