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Microsoft friends & family specific FAQ- Please check here.


I don't want to user my corporate email to place an ad.

*Sure*, that’s not a requirement. You can always authorize your personal email address, and then use that to post ads, or interact with potential buyers.

Does LiztEZ needs to access company's HR database?

*NO*, LiztEZ don’t need to hook into your company’s HR database. We have mechanism to verify an employee or their friends / family through their email.

How LiztEZ is different from other classifieds system like Craigslist?

  • It is community based, mostly your co-workers. You can trust and rely on the people you are trading with.
  • We make buying selling absolutely EZ. A busy user don’t have to spend more than 40 seconds to post an ad. Just email and be done.
  • Common functions that waste your time are already automated. For example:
    • Ads can auto expire, so don’t bother pulling it off.
    • Optionally ads can auto reduce their price if no offers are received, in a set time.
    • Ads can auto respond to inquiries if several offers have already been received.
    • Ads are auto broadcast on the community’s Facebook page making them instantly viral.
    • When you update asking price, ads are auto broadcast again to let the entire community know. This saves user time & pain.
    • Ads are automatically categorized based on its contents. For example: an ad for a sofa is automatically placed in the furniture category. You don’t need to manually pick category or waste time.
    • LiztEZ automatically scans emails for important ad information. For example @Seattle is read as a pickup location, $15 is read as a price, #Mint is read as the physical condition. You don’t have to specify them separately! There are many more magic words.
    • Auto picture re-sizing; just attach pictures in an email and let the magic happen. Our server re size them for you.
  • Simply take pictures. include subject & description in an email and send it! No form filling, no category picking & no picture re sizing.
  • Ads are created anonymously, with none of your personal information.
  • User can choose whether to only accept offers from community members or from outsiders as well.

Is it totally FREE? How so?

*YES*, money is not in our mind for now. We are in process of figuring out some mechanism, to keep our lights on. But LiztEZ don’t plan on charging employees at all.

Is my email information displayed on my ads? How about my privacy?

No, we take your privacy very seriously. Mail headers are parsed to extract only information that is necessary to create your classified ad. Your email is stored at our secured server and not shown in classified. When someone inquires about your ad, we use your email to forward their offers your way.

A note for folks – who have signature in their email with contact info. Please remove your signature from the email before you send to post classifieds. Unless if you really want that information to show up in the classified ad.

What are magic words?

Magic words are trick to say more in less typing, and help us pick important information from your emails. For example when you write $20 we scan it as expected price, or when you type @Seattle, we read it as pick up location, or #LikeNew is read as condition of the item. Please check growing list of magic words for more.

Who hosts and maintain classified community?

The LiztEZ team will maintain your classified community. Our idea is to set your community free from all hassles; The LiztEZ software is built to handle everything automatically.

What about the moderation of contents?

LiztEZ is smart and can deal with profane contents by itself. Users have the ability to flag down any content that accidentally slips through our filters.

How do you keep it private?

Ads are accepted from pre-verified emails only. For example, any ad in the Microsoft community must come from a address, or from any personal email that is pre-verified. Users can authorize personal, friend and family emails so they can post and receive offers as well.

Offers – By default, anyone can inquire or offer to your ad. But, you can adjust your settings such that only community members can respond to your ads.

I haven't found my answer here?

While we are busy writing code, testing it and evangelizing, we encourage you to contact us with your questions and suggestions. Someone will get back to you soon. When we notice enough inquiries on a certain topic, we tend to revisit the feature and make it more intuitive.

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