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Magic words are not mandatory. All you type in the email get posted to your classified as it is. But having magic words certainly elevate visibility of your ad. Idea is to avoid hassles for you, and using magic words allows you to type less and add more richness to the classified itself. Since most users sends classifieds from their phone, it saves a lot of typing


Anything after ‘@’ sign is treated as pickup location of the item you posting. For example @Issaquah, @SanJose, @Redmond and so on.


Any number after ‘$’ sign is read as expected price of the item. For example if you have $15 in the email somewhere we interpret it as you expecting $15 for your item. Note that if you have multiple instances of ‘$’ then we pick the first one as price. So please always try to write selling for $blah brought in $foo. So $blah will be picked up as selling price.


Any word after ‘#’ sign is interpreted as condition of the item. For example #LikeNew #Mint #Scratches #Scratches+ (plus implies more scratches).

!40LB or !40KG

Any word after ‘!’ sign is interpreted as weight of the item. For example !40LB or !40KG.

%Yes or %No

Any word after ‘%’ sign is interpreted as packaging, so %Yes implies item’s original packaging is available, and %No implies it’s not. Note that you don’t required to use these shortcuts. These are available just to help you speed typing from smartphones.


Or best offer.

Sample email

King size headboard @Redmond $50 #Mint %no !40LB –
This will create a classified for king size headboard which can be picked up at Redmond and expected price is $50 and in mint condition, no original packaging available, weight around 40 LB. Attached pictures will be used for classified picture, and email subject will turn into classified title. Please check how it works for a nice example.

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